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Project Key Objective

The main HUNTER project objective is to deliver an innovative, affordable and applicable renewable energy solution via the development of energy-efficient humidity-to-electricity convertors. Such solution would be suitable for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) under the Horizon 2020’s Leadership in Enabling & Industrial Technologies (LEIT) Pillar and The Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan); therefore highly in line with the research and innovation pillar of the European energy policy.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Marie Sklodovska-Curie grant agreement 691010

About Our Project

The HUNTER project is developing revolutionary power devices that convert humidity into electrical charge (hygroelectricity), thereby contributing to the European technology and creativity through joint R&D and R&I multisectorial and international cooperation activities supported by knowledge sharing. The devices will harvest electricity from atmospheric humidity and supply a current, such as solar cells capture sunlight and generate electrical power. The successful realization of the project is assured by implementing a coordinated network of knowledge sharing in materials science, physics and chemistry; by solidifying the state-of-the-art understanding in nanoelectronics and by applying bottom-up nanoengineering approaches via an international and inter-sector collaboration of highly qualified researchers from Portugal, France, Finland, Ukraine, Belarus and USA. Both technological (e.g. nanoelectronic device fabrication) and fundamental (e.g. charge transport mechanisms) issues will be assessed by this multidisciplinary consortium...


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Atmosphere is a Huge Potential Energy Reservoir
according to the National Climatic Data Centre

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