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21 Nov 2019

ODAE 2019

International Conference, 14-17 November 2019, Madeira, Portugal.

EU RISE Marie Curie Projects International Conference ODAE 2019 on Open Dialog in Applied Engineering: Recent Advances and New Frontiers took place in November 14 – 17, 2019 in Madeira, Portugal.

Open Dialog in Applied Engineering brought together scientists and engineers around the world, to discuss the most recent development and trends in applied engineering and to disseminate the latest innovation resulted from the EU founded Marie Curie RISE projects HUNTER 691010, NANOGUARD2AR 690968 and NANOMED 734641.

TOPICs to be covered:

– Materials Engineering;

– Nanoelectronics;

– Chemical Engineering;

– Environmental Engineering;

– Renewable Energy Engineering;

– Nanomedicine;

– Industrial Engineering Management;

– Economics and Business.

ODAE 2019 addressed resent advance, progress proven practice and new frontiers in the listed topics, thus aimed at creation a forum/platform for interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary engineering dialog, to provide sustainability for the EU funded project/initiatives.

The participants were encouraged to submit the abstracts on any aspect of applied engineering science. All submissions were made using online submission system.

D 5.8 HUNTER Confernce


10 Jul 2019

Summer school

Summer school, 15 July−9 August 2019, Lappeenranta, Finland.

We invite you to join the LUT Summer School and gain an in-depth understanding of contemporary, relevant topics in business and technology, all the while experiencing the beauty of Finland in the summer!

The LUT Summer School is a two-week academic event offering intensive Master’s-level courses in the field of marketing, management and inventive thinking.