1. Protocol on nanosized materials/composites with controlled water adsorption properties.
  2. Protocol on morphological, structural and energetic properties of the designed nanosized materials/composites.
  3. Protocol on characterization of the functional medium (ionic atmosphere, free charge carriers). Background for the Corrective Actions (WP5) implementation.
  4. Simulated HUNTER device physical parameters.
  5. Protocol on operation mechanism of the “humidity-to- electricity” system and on potential HUNTER system performance will be delivered.
  6. Optimized the nano-sized materials deposition parameters. Optimized test devices shape (in term of electrical output). Protocol on fabrication of working testing devices – humidity-to-electricity converters.
  7. Technological recommendations on system components design.
  8. Protocol on information to correlate systems design with electronic properties and systems performance.
  9. Presentation of the research results through several publication channels such as major international conferences and referred journals.
  10. Annual report reflecting the obtained results to the collaborators and RISE officials.
  11. Technical documentation, containing recommendation for the HUNTER development and Production design work Protocol.
  12. Technical documentation for the product – HUNTER device [“humidity-to-electricity” converters] and technological requirements for its production.
  13. Patent application.