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Experimental Evidence for Chemo-Electronic Conversion of Water Adsorption on the Surface of Nanosized Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia.

A. Lyubchyk, H. Águas, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, O. Lygina, S. Lyubchyk, N. Mohammadi, E. Lähderanta, A. S. Doroshkevich, T. Konstantinova, I. Danilenko, O. Gorban, A. Shylo, V. K. Ksenevich, and N. A. Poklonski



Direct energy conversion techniques are now dominated by photovoltaics. But, this dominance will be soon challenged by the emergence of a new conversion methods, known as so called “chemovoltaic”. Here we demonstrate a possibility of the electric energy generation through interactions of atmospheric moisture and ZrO2 based nanopowder systems. Such electric energy generation occurs by the conversion of the energy of exothermic heterophase electrochemical reactions. Creation of electromotive force is confirmed by electrical measurements of experimental specimens at a saturation flux density gradient of atmospheric moisture.



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