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Direct conversion of the water adsorption energy to electricity on the surface of zirconia nanoparticles.

A. S. Doroshkevich; E. B. Asgerov; A. V. Shylo; A. I. Lyubchyk; A. I. Logunov; V. A. Glazunova; A. Kh. Islamov; V. A. Turchenko; V. Almasan; D. Lazar; M. Balasoiu; V. S. Doroshkevich; A. I. Madadzada; Kh. T. Kholmurodov; V. I. Bodnarchuk; B. L. Oksengendler



Based on the example of a nanopowder system  ZrO2–3% mol  Y2O3 with atmospheric humidity interaction, the possibility
of exothermic heterophase electrochemical energy conversion to electric energy is shown. Electrical properties and structure
of the experimental sample were studied under gradient molecular Ძux density of humidity during sample saturation. The idea of development of the novel chemo-electronic converter device based on nanoscale dielectrics as  ZrO2–3% mol  Y2O3 is proposed.



Powder nanotechnology

Humidity to electricity

Chemo-electronic conversion

Adsorption phase transition

Electronic processes

Physical chemistry of surface


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