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Synthesis of multicomponent advanced composite oxide nanomaterials – new approaches to old industrial methods.

I. Danilenko, O. Gorban, L. Akhkozov, T.E. Konstantinova.



A new approach to design of oxide ceramic-ceramic nanocomposites instead of industrial technical ceramics has been proposed. The use of mixing of liquid solutions of reagents instead of powders mixing allows entering in the matrix material the oxide dopants in supersaturated concentrations. The synthesized nanoparticles contain a potential for the formation of various structures. By the controlling of heating regimes during nanopowders sintering processes we can control the diffusion processes on the particles volume and boundaries. The decomposition of initial supersaturated solid solution during heat treatment (especially at fast sintering) can lead to formation of multilevel nanocomposite structure in the ceramic matrix with enhancing mechanical, electrical, optical and magnetic properties. It is established on the example of zirconia that even a slight amount of aluminum oxide, nickel oxide, zinc oxide leads to a significant change of the nanopowders and ceramics properties.



Oxide nanopowders

Synthesis methods






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