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Key Achievements

The HUNTER project has developed the revolutionary power device that convert humidity into electrical charge.
A key scientific outcomes achieved within HUNTER project implementation are: development of humidity to electricity technology prototype, formulation of basic principles of such conversion technology and preparation for the technology commercialization.
Expected socio-economic impact
The HUNTER project it strongly relevant to the priorities and objectives of the Future of European Cohesion Policy 2014-2020, ERDF investment priority Research, technological development and innovation, by:
• developed excellence and R&I capacity by creation of the nanomaterials-based humidity to electricity conversion technology aimed at its practical implementation for electric energy harvesting.
• established advanced consortium, which facilitates innovative R&I; thus, making a step towards promotion center of competence and international collaboration on NANOENGINEERING activities toward renewable energy production.
• transfer the developed technology to the End-Users to insure social innovation (in progress)
• raising attractiveness in R&I sector for industrial investment (in progress)
• joints advanced S&T human resources, stimulating networking and clustering aimed at further application for a support from the Structural Funds.
• supporting research and applied technology, first production in key enabling technologies exploring the cross-sector potential of nanotechnologies and advanced materials to drive competitive advantage and sustainability to the of European research and industry.
• promoted substantial advances at the frontiers of knowledge, and encourages new productive lines of inquiry, products and processes, including unconventional approaches and investigations at the interface between nanomaterials, renewable energy, environmental and engineering sciences.

Project Activities

  • Organisation of a Conference 1

  • Organisation of a Workshop 3

  • Training 2

  • Participation to a Conference 30

  • Participation to a Workshop 4

  • Pitch Event 1

Persons Reached

  • Scientific Community 500

  • General Public 1000

  • Investors 2

Project Reports

  1. Protocol on nanosized materials/composites with controlled water adsorption properties.
  2. Protocol on morphological, structural and energetic properties of the designed nanosized materials/composites.
  3. Protocol on characterization of the functional medium (ionic atmosphere, free charge carriers). Background for the Corrective Actions (WP5) implementation.
  4. Simulated HUNTER device physical parameters.
  5. Protocol on operation mechanism of the "humidity-to- electricity" system and on potential HUNTER system performance will be delivered.
  6. Optimized the nano-sized materials deposition parameters. Optimized test devices shape (in term of electrical output). Protocol on fabrication of working testing devices - humidity-to-electricity converters.
  7. Technological recommendations on system components design.
  8. Protocol on information to correlate systems design with electronic properties and systems performance.
  9. Presentation of the research results through several publication channels such as major international conferences and referred journals.
  10. Annual report reflecting the obtained results to the collaborators and RISE officials.
  11. Technical documentation, containing recommendation for the HUNTER development and Production design work Protocol.
  12. Technical documentation for the product – HUNTER device [“humidity-to-electricity” converters] and technological requirements for its production.
  13. Patent application.